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In the process of overhaul of drill pipes, operations are performed:

  • repair of threaded connections
  • restoration (grinding) of the stop ends
  • machining of the welded surfaces of the locks to the full restoration of their dimensions
  • thread re-threading on modern CNC machines
  • repair of new-type drill pipes with additional internal stop (NDS)
  • production of sub-suppliers
  • re-threading of threaded parts with standard threads in high torque and with an additional internal stop (two-support)
  • straightening pipes for the purpose of restoration - the straightness of the pipes (of any complexity)



Also our company renders related services:


  • internal and external - cleaning the body of the pipe
  • painting and marking
  • coating with anti-seize coating (phosphating)
  • picking with protective caps


We are ready to reduce your costs and increase profits by extending the working resource to your pipes.