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Defectoscopy service LLC "Quantum Sib-Market" consists of several divisions, including a mobile mobile laboratory. Works are carried out both in the factory and in the field on the customer's premises.

The laboratory of non-destructive testing has passed the certification according to the requirements of the non-destructive testing system of Rostechnadzor of Russia and is staffed by specialists ready to perform work according to & nbsp; Current standards of GOST, API, DS:


  • Visual and measurement control, allows you to identify 50% of the shortcomings at the initial stage and planning method to minimize further costs for inspection and inspection.
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauging  allows to determine the residual thickness, as well as local loss of metal due to internal corrosion. It is convenient to use even in hard-to-reach places.
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection is relevant for inspecting both new and used drill pipes, especially when drilling deep or complex wells.
  • Capillary Defectoscopy (penetration control) is designed to detect surface defects in objects of control (workpiece and parts) made of any non-magnetic materials.
  • Magnetic particle inspection reveals surface and subsurface discontinuities: hair, cracks of various origin, floken, sunsets, tears, etc.
  • Electromagnetic inspection allows rapid and effective detection of transverse cracks, local areas of wall thickness reduction, including longitudinal, discrete magnifications and transverse microcracks along the entire length of the drill pipe body.

Thanks to the complex of measures for inspection and flaw detection, you can avoid a number of unpleasant moments: work stoppages and liquidation of accidents, thereby ensuring that your company reduces costs, grows profits and fixes the image.