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«Safety of work - health and well-being of workers and enterprises»

The management of the enterprise considers the activity on creation of healthy and safe working conditions of employees as one of the main priorities.


The activity of LLC "Quantum Sib-Market" is carried out in accordance with the principle of social and moral responsibility, which contributes to the creation of healthy and safe working conditions for employees.

Based on the management experience, the management of LLC "Quantum Sib-Market" considers the employees of the enterprise as the main value and believes that the destiny of the enterprise is determined by well-trained and properly organized personnel.


The company's policy in the field of labor protection is based on the following principles:

  • At the heart of the safety of work - only professionalism and legislation.
  • Norms and rules of labor protection are mandatory for everyone.
  • Every employee is a participant in the OSH system.
  • Training in labor protection, testing of knowledge and periodic briefing for each employee.
  • Health and safety are not a matter of economy.
  • Work without injury is the responsibility of the employer and the employee.
  • Responsibility of engineering and technical workers for solving problems in the field of labor protection.
  • Orientation at all organizational levels for the implementation of measures to improve working conditions.

The main tasks of OSH management are:

  • Ensuring the safety of production processes and equipment.
  • Organization of professional selection and safety training.
  • Provision of normative regimes of work and rest.
  • Constant reduction of risks of damage to life and health of personnel.
  • Monitoring the state of safety, working conditions, the use of individual and collective protection of workers.
  • Providing workers with personal protective equipment.
  • Training, attestation and instruction of labor protection workers.
  • Mandatory periodic medical examinations of employees.
  • Normalization of sanitary and hygienic and psychophysiological working conditions.


The main tool for implementing our health and safety policy is the principle of occupational safety, based on professional risk management.

Each employee of LLC "Quantum Sib-Market" is personally responsible for the implementation of this principle at its workplace, within its competence, job responsibilities.