• Nizhnevartovsk, Northern industrial hub, 12 km Samotlor road, street 3PS, Building 5, Building 3
  • 8 (3466) 25-13-30
  • It is not necessary to live with old merits -
  • It is necessary to live new successes,
  • Although the first
  • Not unimportant.

At the heart of our activity is the application of GOST R standards taking into account RD, API 5DP (API7RP) and DS-1 in three main areas:

  • inspection and flaw detection of oil-grade pipes, oilfield and drilling equipment;
  • repair of drill pipes, as well as repair and manufacture of subcontractors;
  • rent of drill pipes;
  • associated services for quality work.

In all aspects of the business, Quantum Sib-Market Ltd. adheres to the highest standards of honesty, ethics and decency. We are responsible for the actions of our units and individual employees.