• Nizhnevartovsk, Northern industrial hub, 12 km Samotlor road, street 3PS, Building 5, Building 3
  • 8 (3466) 25-13-30
  • It is not necessary to live with old merits -
  • It is necessary to live new successes,
  • Although the first
  • Not unimportant.

The production company "Quantum Sib-Market" is represented on the market of services in the oil and gas sector since 2002. For more than 10 years, our company has been in the lead in this direction.

Production facilities and high human resources potential of our employees guarantee fulfillment of the undertaken business, financial and technical obligations in observance of agreements reached with customers. We guarantee compliance with the terms, volumes, quality and complete completeness of the services provided.

The main complex is located in Northern industrial hub, 12 km Samotlor road  Nizhnevartovsk  ,  on the territory of 3.5 hectares :

  • plant repair and flaw detection, area 2651 sq.m..;
  • administrative and domestic sector, area  1750 sq.m.,
  • a warehouse of drill pipes and tools, an area of 9500sq.m. and a volume exceeding 6,000 tons

The presence of three gantry cranes allows the loading and unloading of three cars simultaneously.