• Nizhnevartovsk, Northern industrial hub, 12 km Samotlor road, street 3PS, Building 5, Building 3
  • 8 (3466) 25-13-30
  • It is not necessary to live with old merits -
  • It is necessary to live new successes,
  • Although the first
  • Not unimportant.


Inspection of OCTG, oilfield and drilling equipment


Repair of drilling pipes, as well as repair and production of subs


Rent drill pipe - is the lack of capital expenditure and a reduction in financial expenses content drilling equipment


A significant increase in the service life of the drilling tool. The possibility of multiple resurfacing


  • Workshop for restoration of drill pipes
  • Repair workshop
  • Drill pipe storage


Mar 14, 2017

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Safety and Health

The activity of LLC "Quantum Sib-Market" is carried out in accordance with the principle of social and moral responsibility, contributing to the creation of healthy and safe working conditions for employees